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Sarah Morgan specialises in producing art that conveys messages relating to her morals and beliefs. Sarah strives to conceptualise money as an abstract entity. Describing or creating a realm where money is insignificant. Arguing that if her, or anybody's for that matter, income was to stop, would she be denied the basic neccessities of life? She doesn't think so. Does that make her a basic bitch? She doesn't care.


Sarah struggled to fit in when she was younger and became more of an observer as a consequence. Sarah finds the study of social interactions interesting and likes to deconstruct social dynamic. She sometimes incorporates her latest discoveries into her shows.


Sarah believes that freedom can be sought through the acquisition of knowledge. During the quest so far she has achieved a degree in Physics, she has travelled South East Asia, gatecrashed a few church services and read innumberable books. Her artwork is inspired by books and the application of knowledge to life. She thinks that instead of living in a world where she has to work to live, she lives in a world where she chooses to work, and knows her work benefits her community. Because to her, a prison is not a prison if you dont't want to escape.