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Ruth Hogg is a multi disciplinary artist working with photographic installation, found objects, film, performance and movement as well as poetry, music, sound, drawing, textiles and printmaking. She has exhibitied since 2001 including wrk shown and performed in Chapter Arts centre, Tactile Bosch and The National Gallery of Wales in Cardiff and The Island in Bristol. She has also curated over 20 exhibitions, managed ::the studio:: Gallery, Aberystwyth and organised arts events. Her work is often a reverence of nature; light, water and earth being recurring elements, with symbols, patterns and mandalas understood and conveyed in the work. She likes working collaboratively to provide an immersive and often interactive experience for the audience. Critical thinking, politics, research, science, community, travel and grass roots activism also inform artworks and projects.


"Elementals Re-sound. Arche-typos re-flecked with old paint, re-fraction of a second was all it took for the echo to eternalise........."




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