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Launch and Inaugural Exhibition:  Simon MacAuley Light Space


Shaping Sounds Framing Films

The launch of our newly created gallery space showcased paintings and photography in an inaugural exhibition Simon McAuley: Light Space.


The acrylic paintings made especially for this show develop McAuley’s interest in painting from a reduced approach, a practice where colour and application of paint became the primary focus for the work. The wires or lines, were masked off, painted and then revealed. This allowed for a repeatable device or method for the paint to become embedded within and the painting to emerge from the composition. The paintings form a record of their own creation. Seen in parallel with McAuley’s photographs in which the constraining edges of the frame provide a focus for the processes of looking, both paintings and photographs form a relationship despite employing what might at first seem divergent approaches.


Simon McAuley was artist-in-residence at Celf o Gwmpas in July 2013, in an Arts Council of Wales’ funded partnership project with Glasgow-based Project Ability. McAuley is a member of their ReConnect project, an art studio for people with mental health conditions that provides people with space, time, materials and expert tuition to develop their artistic practice.

International Exhibition ‘At Home and Away’

First international showing for Celf artists in Finland.

Artists Talk – Dean Warburton


Supported by poet and stand up Martin Figura.

2014-2 shaping sounds framing films

Workshops leading to new creative and expressive sound art recordings and animated films by learning disabled adults and young people.


Oska Bright ‘On the Road’ International Film Festival at Celf in November; a presentation of 38 short films from the 6th international film festival, made by learning disabled people from around the world.


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All images: Luzi Gross

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